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I started making skin care products in 2015 and also do my own packaging.  From taking my own product pictures to designing this website.  It was all because I have very sensitive skin that irritates me.  So I took some lessons and did a lot of research on how to create fully natural cosmetic products using only the best ingredients.  I wanted to be absolutely sure about what I put on my skin.

After creating the very first home made face cream,  I tested it on myself…and the results were astonishing.  No more irritating skin!  I admire the scent, forms and textures of all natural botanical ingredients.  I enjoyed the process of making and experimenting hand-made natural products.  So I figured, why not share the fruits of my labour with others.  Then came the creation of Meizlab, the brand.

Meizlab products are fully produced by hand.  Products are tested on myself first and some willing friends.  It’s a result of my passion, love and drive which brought to the creation of good quality all natural products to share with the world around me.    Each recipe has gone through trials and tests to ensure that the product is safe and effective for everyone to use.

Hope you enjoy our products.  Thank you.